Who we are



Shaylan Group’s mission is to provide an exceptional level of service to our clients and business partners in a unique and unparalleled approach to any local service provider in our field of activity. We will realize this mission by setting the highest industry standards in the services we offer through innovation and employee excellence.


Our vision is to be the leader of the industries that we are in by focusing on continuous enhancement of business partnerships and expanding services through prosperous collaborations in order to create a quality and comfort for the end user.



Shaylan Group was established in 2007 and currently we are one of the largest and most diversified national leaders in the distribution industry of Turkmenistan. From design and implementation, from marketing and operations management to logistics services, Shaylan Group with its fabulous infrastructure can take care of your distribution activities, so you can focus on your business.
We are experts in importing Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG’s), homecare and personal hygiene products from multiple countries of origin. Over the years, we have been an exclusive distributor of various brands and product groups within Turkmenistan. Shaylan Group have in-depth knowledge of all importing requirements such as the necessary product certificates, labeling and packaging and also take care of the shipping, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution of the products within the country. Foreign exporters can contact us in order to place and promote their products successfully within Turkmenistan.

Shaylan Group has the size, scale and experience to help with any warehousing and distribution requirements. Our services are scalable and can be leveraged separately or combined with other services to maximize supply chain value.

In Turkmenistan, for manufacturers and suppliers who are willing to work with us to start a new long-term business relationships we provide an opportunity to distribute their products and gain a profitable amount of market share.

Turkmenistan is highly developing country with many opportunities in different industries and has a big growth potential for businesses. Our government continues to push for adoption of innovative technologies across all sectors of the economy. Businesses are encouraged and supported by our government to grow and increase productivity. The main purpose behind these encouragements is to improve the quality of life and well being of our nation.



By the decree №11995 dated 06.01.2012 of the respected President of Turkmenistan, about “The development ways of industrial sector of Ahal region” 2 hectares of land was granted to us to build “A refrigerated warehouse intended for the storage of fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products” in the Yalkym living complex of Abadan district of Ashgabat city. Shaylan Group has successfully completed the construction of this warehouse complex in July 2015.

This warehouse facility is ready for service with a total capacity of more than 7000 m2 including 3066 m2 of chiller and freezer rooms for storing various food products. Warehouse is equipped with the latest cargo handling facility and effective warehouse management system (WMS) to offer the best quality service for our potential clients. Our WMS allows us to have XYZ reports of stocks and to monitor the expiration dates of each SKU. Local and foreign manufacturers, suppliers, producers, importers, and exporters of assorted products can benefit from our warehousing facility to improve their logistics system and add a value to their supply chain.



High demand for third party logistics (3PL) and well-equipped warehouse facilities around the nation is a result of increasing farming and agricultural production as well as growing imports and exports of food products. In order to provide modern logistics and warehousing opportunities for local producers and farmers, Shaylan Group has export-oriented goals set for upcoming years and plans to build more warehouse facilities with chiller and freezer rooms in each region of Turkmenistan. Moreover, in order to utilize its cold chain infrastructure, Shaylan Group is aiming to double its imports and increase the amount of exports by the year-end, particularly concentrating on the dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits and other frozen food products. In this regard, we would appreciate your business cooperation and best commercial offers!

Manufacturing, Information Technology, Marketing and Advertising industries have new perspectives and profitable business opportunities in Turkmenistan. Shaylan Group is open for all kinds of collaborations with investors and companies from various industries of foreign countries. Upon your request, we are ready to utilize our knowledge and expertise to research and provide the industry specific information in order to reach a mutual goal. Offering modern Marketing, Advertising, and IT Business Solutions is the future goal of Our Company. A demand for all these services has increased significantly since more local and foreign businesses start operating in our country. These companies need to market themselves and advertise their products and services in order to gain a profitable market share in Turkmenistan. Shaylan Group will be able to offer various services and solutions according to each company’s particular needs and the requirements according to the modern business world.