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Some Facts About SHAYLAN Group

  • 5351 And Counting Sales Points Within Turkmenistan
  • 250+ Highly Qualified, Well Trained, And Experienced Employees
  • 792 Fridge Displays At Sales Points Offering Our Products
  • 60+ Delivery Vans To Ensure On Time Merchandise Delivery
  • 500+ Average Daily Number Of Orders Within The Country

Shaylan Group’s competitive edge comes from the advantage of having established strong distribution network and relationships with sales points all over the nation. In our client base there are well-known supermarkets, markets, discounter shops, convenience stores, small shops, corporate clients and clients within the HORECA segment. Through these active sales points, the consumer recognition of our brands have increased and as a result they have gained more market shares in Turkmen market.

5351 and counting Sales Points within Turkmenistan

Shaylan Group Headquarters is located in Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan. In each region of Turkmenistan We have five sub-distribution centers covering their main cities and surrounding towns. Sales points within Ashgabat and the surrounding towns are serviced directly by the headquarters and sales points in each region are serviced by our regional sub-distribution centers. Currently Shaylan Group has 5351 Sales Points within Turkmenistan and out of that number 1540 Sales Points are located within Ashgabat and its surrounding towns. Numbers of sales points and our coverage network is increasing in size day-by-day.

250+ Highly qualified, well trained, and experienced employees

At Shaylan Group there are more than 250 knowledgeable and skilled employees working together in a team to reach the company goals. In order to succeed in business, we know that systematical operations management, client services, and latest technology are essential parts of our business operation. To keep up with the evolving business world and to improve our corporate standards we have employee education and training programs. We have implemented the latest ordering software for our Sales Agents, Merchandisers, and Supervisors to work more efficiently and systematically to fulfill the clients’ orders in a timely manner. Automatization of ordering system and motivational incentives help the company to use its human capital and resources more effectively and economically.

792 Fridge Displays at Sales Points offering our products

Close to 800 Fridge Displays at our Sales Points give us a competitive advantage over our competition. Our Sales Agents and their supervisors wisely evaluate the sales points’ activity and the demand in order to put a fridge display. At Shaylan Group, we focus on empowering the Sales Points to create more interest for our brands in order to gain more market share. We understand that in a hot weather Sales Points with fridge displays filled with Ice-cold beverages attract more end consumers at any given time of a day.

60+ Delivery Vans to ensure on time merchandise delivery

Key to be the leader in distribution industry is to have an effective logistics system and knowledgeable professionals to ensure on time merchandise delivery. With over 60 Delivery Vans serving our active client base, we are able to deliver products on time according to our plan and client requirements. Our modern distribution software allows us to monitor at all times and keep track of our vans equipped with GPS devices. At our headquarters, according to territorial segments we examine and plan out a route for each of these delivery vans to maximize the coverage area and efficiency.

500+ Average daily number of orders within the country

Given the facts about Shaylan Group, we are able to get more than 500 orders on a daily basis within the country. Steady increasing number of orders is the result of effective operation management and motivated employees. Our experienced team backed by continuous innovation and technological advancements help us to improve our relationships with clients and suppliers. We have a great track record in working with our existing suppliers and clients and we look forward to working with new potential partners to form successful business relations.

Marketing and Merchandising

An exceptional level of media investment and marketing improves the brand recognition among the end consumers of Shaylan Group. Our marketing approach to each brand is uniquely constructed and executed by our marketing and advertising department to maximize the effectiveness of each campaign. Brand recognition among the end consumers do not only depend on marketing, it also requires the attention of our team of merchandisers and sales analysts. Team of Merchandisers at Shaylan Group are constantly monitoring each sales point and making sure that our product placements and shelf organizations are according to our corporate requirements.


Shaylan Group managers and supervisors are actively monitoring the sales and planning out the distribution accordingly by using our modern distribution software. Statistical data analysis helps us to concentrate on the progress of our distribution system and the critical points where attention is required. Periodic analytical reports are being generated for the management to review the company activities. To stay focused on our company goals, we are able to allocate tasks to each of our departments and sub-departments by carefully evaluating these reports. Currently we are working on developing a website that will allow our partners to live monitoring of the order-picking, delivering, merchandising photo reports and other processes.

Segmentation of Sales Points

To get the maximum coverage of the whole nation, we have created a segmentation of sales points according to their territories. We focus on each territorial segment to analyze the sales activity and their potential for new products. In our distribution channels, dividing the territories into segments allows us to utilize our sales agents and delivery vans more effectively and efficiently.